Yoga Instructors

While on your journey of health and wellness, developing a relationship with your instructors and trainers is extremely important. We are blessed as an organization to have so many fantastic and experienced instructors to help you on your path. Our Yoga instructors have speant many hours outside of the JCC ensuring that they are as qualified and experienced as possible to ensure your success. Learn more about these wonderful and dedicated instructors below and see if one of them best suits your wellness goals. 

Steve White (teaches Tuesdays Yoga Level 2 at 8:30am in the yoga studio): 

  • Certifications:
    • E-RYT 200 Hour
    • RYT 500 Hour
    • C-IAYT 800 Hour Yoga Therapist
    • CEC: In December, I spent 5 days in Austin to participate in a workshop where we used integrated yoga practices of postures, breath work, chanting, meditation and journaling to "cut the knot of the heart" - an exploration into the relationship between behavior, feeling, thought, desire and impulse, all with the goal of directing us toward our highest potential. The key would be "directing us toward"...I think I'm a ways out from the highest potential thing.
    • Style of class: I enjoy teaching light-hearted flow classes with a playlist, as well as more focused sessions exploring the deeper practices of yoga. As a certified yoga therapist, I do work one-on-one to facilitate individual's goals toward managing and improving their condition.

Jamie Lynn Tatera (teaches Mindful Yoga Wednesdays at 9:00am in the yoga studio): 

  • I completed my 200 hour Yoga certification through the Himalayan Institute.  Continuing education for me mainly centers around mindfulness.  Mindful Self-Compassion is my favorite mindfulness training and class that I teach.  The yoga continuing education classes that I take focus on meditation and the chakras.  And my yoga specialty is "mindful yoga" and meditation.


Susie Wienke (teaches Yoga Level 1 Saturdays 8:30am in the yoga studio):

  • I am a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher. My favorite training was my 200 hour certification because it allowed me to immerse myself in all aspects of yoga in a positive, energized environment. My training also made me realize how passionate I am about unifying the body, mind and spirit. My specialty is Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is a series of consecutive poses that are synchronized with breath. I hope my yoga class will leave you feeling balanced, strong and at peace!

Kurt Braun (teaches Yoga Level 1 Mondays at 7:00pm in studio A, High Intensity Yoga Practice Tuesdays at 6:00am in studio A, Zen Fit Thursdays at 8:00am in studio A and Yoga Flex Thursdays at 10:00am in the yoga studio)

  • Certification 200, 500, etc…
    • E-RYT w/ over 3,500 hours of instruction 
    • Last and/or favorite continuing education training you completed 
      • Stepping into the Currents of Grace
      • Yoga specialty. For example: Hatha, therapeutic, etc…
        • Vinyasa Flow, Rejuvenation & High Intensity


Vlada Kleyman (teaches Mixed Level Yoga Sundays 9:00am in the yoga studio)

  • 200RYT,  hatha yoga. My teacher  says yoga is 99% practice  and 1% theory. For me, the best place to learn is the shala- a dedicated  place  of practice. I love weekly  led classes and post class discussions  of yogic philosophy  with my teacher  and  fellow  Ashtangis. 

Sue Dlugopolski (teaches Yoga Level 1 Wednesdays 7:00pm and Yoga Level 2 Thursdays at 8:30am in the yoga studio)

  • Certifications
    • 200 Hour (Anusara Which is) - Alignment, anatomy, Hatha 
    • 200 Hour Vinyasa 
    • 500 Hour Therapeutic Yoga
    • (Reiki Master 200 Hour Advanced Energy Work 200 Hour Shamanic Healing)
  • Continuing Ed…. 
    • Completed late fall of 2016   Functional Movement with Therapeutic Yoga in Canada
    • Anatomy and physical movement is fascinating to me!  
    • I thoroughly enjoy watching body movement and working with clients to discover ways for them to move Pain Free.
    • My Specialty:  Therapeutic Yoga as it relates to individual movement, there is no “one template” to fit every ache or pain in every body!