Sharing the Light at Hanukkah

November 30, 2017

This year, our Community-Wide Hanukkah celebration theme is focusing on light. As the committee gathered to think about the lessons and activities that we wanted to bring to the celebration, we were inspired by brightness and light and seek to focus on positive, inspiring things. The fun activities at the event are going to center around Hanukkah lights. There will be things that glow in the dark, light tables, edible menorahs and so much more. 

One of the activities is making and filling a huge Hanukkah menorah with items to donate. We're asking participants to bring mini toiletries, wrapped candy and new toys to donate to agencies in Milwaukee with need. The menorah will be on display throughout Hanukkah. 

The lights of Hanukkah don't end there! After the event, as Hanukkah and the holiday season begins, we're asking you to #sharethelight. Use the hashtag to post on social media what you or your family is doing to help others. The possibilities are endless. 

Why not make a meal for someone in need? Have some extra time around Christmas? Why not see if there is a place that could use some volunteers? Go through your closets and find gently used winter coats, hats, boots, gloves for the many children in Milwaukee that are lacking warm clothes.

There are other ways to #sharethelight. Holidays are often lonely times for soldiers both here and in Israel and they always appreciate a card and throughtful message. You can color a picture for a resident in a senior living facility or bring someone flowers to put a smile on their face.

#sharethelight is another way to help impart the message to children that giving back not only helps us feel good, but it goes a long way to help make the world a better, brighter place!

The best part of all is that #sharethelight isn't just for Hanukkah and Christmas. Have a few extra cans of food or red Sendiks bags? The Jewish Community Pantry will take your donations to help fight hunger any time. Outgrow clothing? Pass it along to someone else. Finish a good book? Organizations like the Next Door Foundation will happily share your books with other readers. 

Did you know that each month, your JCC has a program called Tzedakah Days? Tzedakah is an act of justice and kindness that helps others. We devote each month to a different social service agency in Milwaukee.

  • Decemeber is mini toiletries and bags of candy.
  • January will be devoted to Safe & Sound Milwaukee.
  • February will be diapers for the Jewish Community Pantry.
Know of another great agency that could use our help this year? Email your suggestions to!
Together, we can #sharethelight and help illuminate our community.