Babysitters/Caregivers and Nannies

Families can request add a generic babysitter/caregiver sub-member to their account at no cost. This sub-member is not associated with a specific person (no picture is taken) and can be used by any person designated as a babysitter/caregiver. The purpose of this sub-member is to provide assistance with member children(s) or adult(s) while utilizing the facilities. It can be used when the parent/other members on the account are present. The Caregiver does not have usage privileges when not with the member.

Families with a permanent full-time Nanny may purchase a reduced rate membership for their employee. The cost of the membership is $240 for the year and must be paid in full at the time of purchase. The sponsoring family must belong to the JCC at the time of purchase and renewal. The membership is a full-year membership with general Individual Adult privileges. If the Nanny changes (a new person is hired to replace the old one), the new Nanny may be substituted onto the membership. A new membership card will be issued and information updated in the membership account.



After the first year of membership the contract will be renewed for an additional twelve (12) month period and additional twelve (12) month periods thereafter.

Annual Members may terminate their annual contract mid-year without financial obligation for the following reasons:

1. Medical cancellation. A doctor’s letter must accompany this request stating that the member cannot physically use our facility due to a medical problem.

2. Move outside the Milwaukee area. (Milwaukee area includes Milwaukee and all cities, towns or counties touching the border). Proof of the move must accompany the written request 30 days before the end of the month.

Membership is a signed contract for a year. It will not be cancelled for any other reasons than those listed above. Membership fees will not be refunded for any other reason and monthly credit card or checking account drafts will continue until the contract expires.

At the end of each year you may cancel the membership by notifying the JCC 30 days in writing before the end of the membership year.  Each main member will receive a letter 30 days before the membership year end.


After the first month of membership the contract will be renewed for an additional one (1) month period and additional one (1) month periods thereafter. You may cancel the membership by notifying the JCC 30 days in writing before the end of the month.

If cancellation of any contract is needed due to extenuating circumstances, situations will be considered on an individual basis by the Chief Executive Officer.

If you stop payment on your credit card or check draft, we will send a letter of financial obligation to you. Legal action may be taken if necessary. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Facility Access

Member children under the age of 9 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult while using any JCC facilities.   Children 14 years and older may access the fitness center and most free group fitness classes unless otherwise stated for the specific class. Children 12-13 years who have successfully completed the Youth Strength Training Class are able to access the fitness center.  Outside trainers, instructors, or coaches are not authorized to provide or promote services at any JCC facility, regardless of membership status.

Financial Assistance (Scholarships)

Financial assistance is available for membership dues, early childhood education tuition, Kids Center and summer camps for those who qualify. All scholarship applicants will be handled on an individual basis with complete confidentially.  Membership scholarships will be offered for Annual memberships only and not available for Month to Month memberships. Click here for our scholarship application or contact the Membership Department.

Guest Policy
The Harry & Rose Samson Jewish Community Center is a membership-based organization. Our programs and facilities are primarily designed to be used by our members, with limited access to guests for the benefit and convenience of our members. For this reason, we have established the following rules and guidelines:

  • Guests must be escorted by a member in good standing or with a valid pass from JCC staff.
  • Guests must present a valid picture ID to be allowed into the facilities.
  • Guests under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult member while at the JCC.
  • Guests under the age of 18 must have the JCC Guest User Agreement completed and signed by a responsible adult age 18 and older.
  • Guests must complete and sign a JCC Guest User Agreement before receiving their pass.
  • Members may bring a maximum of two guests at a time to the JCC. Additional guests may be brought with prior approval from the Health, Recreation & Fitness Department or the Membership Department.
  • Guests may not participate in or observe scheduled member-only Adult Basketball pick-up games (see Marcus Gym schedule for times).
  • Use of the facility by guests is subject to availability of space, with members receiving priority. 
  • Local guests are limited to 3 visits per 12-month period at the JCC campus
  • Out-of-Town guests (with address verification) are not subject to the 3-time visit limit
  • Guest fees are $8 per adult, $5 per child, $20 per Family, $10 per individual Health Center visit (only available when accompanied by a current JCC Health Center Member or approved by Health, Recreation & Fitness Department or the Membership Department.
  • Guest passes MAY NOT be charged to a member’s JCC account but must be paid for at the time of entry.
  • Each guest pass sold at the desk or redeemed by a Renewal Coupon is valid for 1 visit only.
  • Guest privileges may only be used during the hours of the Member’s privileges (VIP guests may only come Monday – Friday, 8am-3:30pm).
  • College students who are children of active JCC members and attend out-of-town schools may purchase a 1-week pass for $15 (this may be repeated). College guests may not participate in or observe scheduled member-only Adult Basketball pick-up games (see Marcus Gym schedule for details).
  • Guest privileges at the JCC Water Park are offered as a service and convenience to JCC members. The Water Park Director may limit guest privileges if over-crowding conditions prevail. Click here for complete the Water Park Guest Policy.

Membership Cards

Membership cards with current photos are required for everyone 9 years and older. Cards must be scanned at the entrances to gain admittance to the building and to pass from the public areas to the fitness area of the JCC.

Membership Freeze

With a 30 day advanced written notice, members with an Annual membership may request a freeze no less than 2 months and no greater than 4 months for their membership dues (does not include Health Center membership) for extended travel within one calendar year.

Member Value Fee

Members in good standing are eligible for the Member Value Fee (MVF) for classes, programs and summer camps. You must have an active membership from the time of purchase and through the actual class, program and summer camp or the posted fee will be charged.

Payment of Dues

The Annual membership fee is due IN FULL either as a renewing member or as a new member. However, automatic monthly payment plans may be arranged using a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or check draft. Late renewal is retroactive to the anniversary date.

Program User Class and Camp Participation

The JCC offers many classes and activities for program users. However, members receive enrollment priority. Children who are not JCC Members may attend Camp Interlaken or JCC Summer Day Camps and must pay the posted fee. A child who is a member of another JCC may pay the member fee for Camp Interlaken.


JCC members from other cities will be granted reciprocity up to a total of 1 month. They should bring their membership card and/or a letter of introduction and an Extended Pass will be issued of no more than 1 month duration.

Refund Policy for Classes and Programs

Fees are due IN FULL at time of registration. If enrollment is cancelled before the first class, a full refund will be issued. If enrollment is canceled after the first class, there will be a 50% refund. There are no refunds if enrollment is cancelled after the second class. No fee will be charged for switching from one section of a class to another section of the same class. Preschool and Camp contracts state conditions of withdrawal.

Registration Fee

If a former member in good standing rejoins the JCC within 3 months of their cancellation date, the new member registration fee will be waived.