Gan Ami Early Childhood Education requires the following forms to be filled out and signed by parents whose children have been admitted to our program. These forms are required by licensing from the Wisconsin Department of Child and Family services. Please note that the first form must be signed by a physician. Clicking on the links below will take you to the governement forms. If you have any questions regarding our forms, contact us at 414-967-8241.

Child Health Report (must be signed by a physician):

Health History and Emergency Plan

Immunization Records

Childcare Enrollment Form


These additional forms may also be required

Intake for Child Under Two Years (if your child is younger than 2):

Permission to Administer Medication (if your child will take medication at school):

Transportation Permission (if your child is transported to/from their Half Day Kindergarten):


Gan Ami Early Childhood on the Karl Community Campus in Whitefish Bay

Gan Ami Early Childhood at the Linda & Fred Wein Family Center in Mequon