Play at the Discovery Center

Have a houseful of kids anxiously staring out the window on a rainy day?  Looking for a place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend while the little ones burn some energy?  Maybe you have an hour to spare while your oldest finishes a swim lesson?  Whatever it may be, the Guten Family Discovery Center is open to the community for fun, friendship, and play.

With a soft-mat floor surface, indoor climbing area, tree slide, and more – the Guten Family Discovery Center (sometimes affectionately known as the “World of Wow”) is your place to bring the family for fun and exercise.  Grab a snack from CAFA B DATA, have a seat, and let your kids explore in a safe and engaging environment.  Colorfully decorated with historical storefronts important to our traditions, the Guten Family Discovery Center is open to all, members and guests, whenever the JCC is open.

Bring a neighbor, have some nosh, and enjoy our indoor park just off the main street of your JCC!