The crunch of leaves beneath your feet... the slam of cabin doors echoing through the wood... the crackle of an evening fire...

If you’ve ever attended or visited a Jewish camp, you’ve heard these sounds and cheers enthusiastically yelled by hundreds of happy campers all gathered for a meal or event. It’s one of the many unmistakeable sounds of pure joy at Steve and Shari Sadek Family Camp Interlaken JCC. Camp Interlaken, the JCC’s overnight camp located about a five-hour drive from Milwaukee, is nestled on 106 acres along the shores of Lake Finley in Wisconsin’s notoriously picturesque North Woods. The facility is a sprawling, beautiful summer “home” for 450 children ages 8-17 who board buses and airplanes every summer to arrive at their favorite place in the world. Every Camp Interlaken camper and staff member will grow as an individual, learn to live together as part of a community and have fun!  

Interlaken campers are encouraged to try new activities while pursuing their individual passions all while having fun! For parents and camp staff, there’s a hidden agenda at work. Without even knowing it, Interlaken campers will develop a deep love of Israel, become immersed in experiential learning, strengthen their Jewish values, enhance their self-esteem, learn to cooperate and live in close quarters with others. All while having the time of their lives!  

Giving a child total control and the unique opportunity to “choose their own adventure” is a key principle of Camp Interlaken. We pride ourselves on the countless adventures at a camper’s fingertips: waterskiing, canoeing, theater, Frisbee golf, pottery, wakeboarding, sailing, basketball, radio/video production, model rocketry, outdoor cooking, low ropes, gymnastics, Ga-ga, if there’s an activity that a child wants to try or is already passionate about, there’s a very good chance they can try it or work to perfect it at Camp!

Ask any Camp Interlaken alumni, parent or current camper and you can start to get a sense of how much they love Camp Interlaken and the very special place camp holds in their hearts. Get a dose of Camp Interlaken’s love, joy enthusiasm, energy and above all…fun by taking a look at the current camp video. Then call us at 414-967-8240 to talk about how your child can be a part of Camp Interlaken JCC!      

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