In honor of Memorial Day, the JCC will be open from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM today,Monday, May 25th.  Have a wonderful holiday. Click here for more building hours. 

Teva Pilates

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This June we will also be offering a Ballet Barre Certification.  Click here for more information about the training.


When he created it in the early 20th century, Joseph Pilates could not have predicted how popular his total body conditioning program would become. Pilates studios are opening all across the country and the JCC is fortunate to have one of the most highly regarded Pilates experts in the Midwest leading our program.

Pilates is geared to all fitness levels, from beginners to pro athletes. People with physical limitations such as MS and Parkinson’s can benefit from Pilates. Seasoned fitness enthusiasts looking to add core strength, enhance flexibility and create long, lean muscles while building strength and endurance will appreciate the challenge Pilates can offer.  The JCC Pilates team has extensive training and is accustomed to working with physical therapists and doctors to create a Pilates program that will meet and exceed a client’s individual needs.

Members can select a private Pilates training sessions or group classes. To learn more about Teva Pilates, contact Lorraine Bradshaw at 414-967 -8209 or click here for our Teva Pilates Service Menu


Teva Wellness at the JCC aims to promote good health through a holistic approach, encompassing the mind, body and spirit. Teva (pronounced Tey-vah) directly translated means “nature” in Hebrew. But the word Teva has come to signify nature as it relates to God. According to Judaism, the greater a person’s understanding of nature, the greater their potential to understand God. 

Teva Wellness at the JCC offers 3 portals to maximize your overall wellness:

Teva Spa
Teva Yoga Studio
Teva Pilates Studio