Pre-School Aquatics

Our pre-school age aquatic classes are structured for the 3 – 5 year old with each lesson 30 minutes in length combining skill instruction with fun. To ensure a quality and safe lesson, there is a ratio of one instructor to a maximum of five students and the classes are taught in our teaching pool.
Pre-School Level 1 - First independent swim lesson experience. Participants will learn to put their face in the water and become more comfortable in the water on their own. Activities include submerging mouth, nose & eyes, blowing bubbles, floating on front & back with help and exploring arm movements/swimming on front & back with help.
Pre-School Level 2 - Participants enrolled in this class must be able to put their face in the water and have a comfort level of being in the water and participating in some skills on their own. Activities will include learning to front & back float and front & back glide with minimal assistance with & without kicking, beginning arm movement of front & back crawl and jumping into shallow water.
Pre-School Level 3 - Participants enrolled in this class must be able to submerge their head, jump independently into shallow water and front & back float independently. Activities will include front & back floating/gliding without assistance, front & back crawl (arm & leg action coordinated) and introduction to the big pool.


Don’t wait to register! The JCC’s swimming classes fill up fast! Based on the American Red Cross’ most recent guidelines, our program adheres to the American Red Cross skill level advancement requirements. Progression to new levels is based on mastering a pre-established set of skills. Lifeguards and instructors are fully trained and certified in American Red Cross swim instruction and water safety techniques. Pre-class evaluations for appropriate level placement will be conducted as needed. End-of-the-session report cards keep parents informed on their child’s progress highlighting areas for improvement and successes.

For current swim classes see below, view The Journal or contact Jess Lanke at 414-967-8194 for more information. Click here for a current Peck Aquatics Pool Schedule.