As a part of the JCC’s commitment to the continual maintenance of facilities, the studios A & B will be closed until reopening on Saturday, September 23rd. 

Wednesday classes will be relocated to the following areas:

8:00am Fitness Fusion with Patty-Marcus Gym-west side

8:55am Butts n Guts with Patty-Marcus Gym-west side

9:30am Body Blast with Marcela- Marcus Gym-east side

9:30am Zumba with Shara- Community hall A 

Getting to know Hannah Lindholm

August 19, 2014

As the summer winds down, and camps start to come to an end, the JCC is preparing for the upcoming school year by getting our programs together, our classrooms ready, and by welcoming and introducing the new faces our families will be seeing throughout the JCC. 

We are pleased to introduce Hannah Lindholm, the JCC’s new Director of Youth Programs.  I sat down with Hannah to learn more about her background, experiences, and excitement in joining the JCC!

Deb Carneol: Thanks for joining our JCC family! I know you led the experiential education program at Temple Israel in Boston.  Can you tell us a little bit more about what experiential education is?

Hannah Lindholm: Experiential education is a hands-on teaching approach that focuses on experience based learning. This can look different in different settings. In my last job (also in a specifically Jewish setting), I focused on creating programs that allowed students to explore Jewish values and teachings through a variety of lenses. Experiential education allows educators to create an environment in which students can help facilitate and guide their own learning and their classmates’ and really take ownership of their learning. I think that experiential education is a powerful tool in teaching students to make smart choices, develop strong values and build community.

DC: Why did you choose to focus on Jewish programming, and how long have you been a part of that world?

HL: This is my 10th year working in Jewish education. I didn’t plan on a career as a professional Jew, but my passion for education led me again and again to roles within the Jewish world. I found that working in Jewish education rather than secular education, allowed me to teach in a more encompassing way. Instead of just working with students, I am able to spend time building relationships with students and their families. Instead of just teaching about the work of social activists, I am able to teach about Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and involve students in social justice projects in a much more tangible way.

DC: What is your favorite part of working with elementary and middle school age children?

HL: These are the years that kids develop a sassy sense of self and start to develop their own opinions and values, but are still incredibly open and sweet. I enjoy their candor and sense of adventure and I learn so much each time I set out to teach them.

DC: What are you looking forward to most working here in the Milwaukee community?

HL: I am excited to be a part of a community this size. The Jewish community here is large enough to be diverse but small enough to interact with each other and still have a vibrant and active Jewish community.

DC:  Now for a few more getting to know you questions. You grew up in Madison, are you excited to be back in the Dairy state?

HL: I am so happy to be back in the Midwest. Because I have never really lived in Milwaukee, getting to know the city is an adventure, but I already feel very at home. Everyone is really friendly, and you cannot beat Wisconsin ice cream! I am also glad to be closer to my family in Madison, Chicago and Twin City areas.

DC: What is your favorite after school snack and why?

HL: Fruit because it is delicious, healthy and brain food.

DC: When you are not at work, what can we find you doing?

HL: I like to stay active, I am a distance runner and am enjoying getting to know Milwaukee’s outdoor sports scene.

DC: Thank you so much for sitting down and answer these questions for our community! Is there anything else you would want our JCC and Kid Center Families to know about you?

HL: I am so excited to be here and I am really looking forward to meeting and getting to know all kids and families in the community! Please come introduce yourselves.

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