WHY Wednesdays - Jewish Community Pantry

August 13, 2014

WHY the Jewish Community Pantry?

It is the Jewish communal response to hunger in the Milwaukee area.

When The Jewish Community Pantry first opened its doors back in 1976, it was only open one day a week. But the need in Milwaukee grew, and two years ago the Pantry decided to open one extra Sunday a month (our Pantry is the only pantry open on Sundays in Milwaukee).  What began with a small number of families coming, approximately 20, has quickly grown to between 80 & 90 families on average. This past year the Jewish Community Pantry served over 7,808 households, 6,946 children and 11,978 adults.

The need in our Milwaukee community is continuing to grow. In order to continue to deliver quality service to our Milwaukee community, we are happy to announce that this fall; we will open on a second Sunday during the month. 

Specific details about the second Sunday open date are to follow, but if you are interested in learning more about how to volunteer at the Jewish Community Pantry, contact Dorene Paley at 414-967-8217 or dpaley@jccmilwaukee.org. Click here to learn more about the Jewish Community Pantry or to donate.