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In the News

June 2015

Milwaukee County pools prepare for next week's opening (6/11)

Jewish Artists Lab on Lake Effect - time marker 15:00 (6/3)

May 2015

Six Humanities Projects receive Mini-Grants in May

Breaking Bread and Telling Tales (5/15)

JCC's KidShare event draws big crowd, offers tasty food: Slideshow (5/15)

KidShare on WISN (5/9)

TMJ4 Live at Noon - KidShare benefit to aid children in Southeast Wisconsin (5/8)

Kidshare 2015 on TMJ4 (5/5)

Lakeviews (94.5) on KidShare (5/3)

April 2015

JSOnline - JCC scholarship benefit  (4/17)

TMJ4 Live at Noon - Offices trade in business attire for Badgers apparel (4/6)

March 2015

CBS 58 - Match Day 2015 (3/19)

February 2015

TMJ4 Live at Noon - Program to aid children and young adults with disabilites (2/25)

Ineractive arts-based program that addresses social deficites common in kids, adults, Fox 6 (2/22)

Arts-based program offers classes for special needs kids at the Jewish Community Center (2/13)

Boris and Doris On The Town (2/3)

Comedian Howie Mandel helps raise money for Hunger Task Force: Slideshow (2/1)

Lakeviews (94.5) on Upstream Arts (2/1)

January 2015

Howie Mandel on Dave & Carole - 96.5 WKLH (1/28)

This week in Milwaukee (1/27)

CBS Eye-to-Eye  (1/25)

Howie Mandel to Perform Saturday at the Riverside Theater (1/25)

Laugh It Up Milwaukee on WISN 12 (1/24)

Howie Mandel glad to return to 'no rules' comedy with Milwaukee show (1/22)

The fight against hunger continues all year (1/20)

Howie Mandel featured in Jewish Community Center's 'Laugh It Up Milwaukee' event (1/14)

Our Issues Milwaukee - My 24/CW 18 Part 2 (1/3 AND 1/4)

Our Issues Milwaukee - My 24/CW 18 Part 1 (1/3 AND 1/4)

Howie Mandel Performs at Riverside (1/3)

December 2014

Heros of the Week (12/23)

Kids join in on the fun at Hanukkah Celebration (12/22)

Jewish Community celebrates 5th day of Hanukkah (12/21)

Explore Hanukkah with the Jewish Community Center (12/21)

Hanukkah Interview with Mark Shapiro on Newsradio 620 WTMJ (12/16)

Spend an evening with Howie Mandel and support a good cause, but how? (12/15)

Lakeviews (94.5) on Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2015 (12/14)

November 2014

Jewish Community Center announces leadership and brand changes (11/25)

Medical Clowning Seminar at the Jewish Community Center (11/14)

October 2014

Creating Milwaukee Landmarks out of cans of food (10/22)

September 2014

Howie Mandel to headline Laugh It Up Milwaukee benefit at Riverside (9/30)

Real Milwaukee (Fox 6) Announcement (9/30)

Just annouced! Howie Mandel slated to appear at the Riverside in January (9/30)

May 2014

Jewish educator uses art to stoke fire of spirituality (5/5)

Passing the Torch (M Magazine's May 2014 Issue)

March 2014

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Partner Child Pose (3/25)

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Sitting Seesaw (3/16)

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Sun Salute (3/11)

Superman: A Jewish Superhero (3/10)

Milwaukee to host global tournament for Jewish youth (3/6)

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Breath with Mudra (3/5)

Milwaukee wins bid for 2015 Maccabi Games (3/4)

Milwaukee Area to host 2015 JCC Maccabi Games (3/3)

February 2014

Milwaukee Rep's 'Whipping Man' Examines Freedom After Slavery (2/7)

January 2014

Comedian Martin Short helps raise money for MAAC Fund (1/20)

Martin Short Gave the Pabst Theater His All For "Laugh It Up Milwaukee" (1/19)

Martin Short, and a host of his madcap alter egos, get big laughs at the Pabst (1/18)

Live at Daybreak on TMJ4 (1/18)

Wisconsin Tonight on TMJ4 (1/17)

Martin Short laughing for a cause at Pabst Theater (1/15) 

Dave & Carole Show (96.5 FM) on Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2014 (1/14)

December 2013

Lakeviews (94.5) on Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2014 (12/22)

Live at Daybreak on TMJ4 (12/9)

July 2013

Chip learns about summer camp for kids at Growing Power (7/29)

JCC Athletes Ready for Austin Games (7/25)

Milwaukee to host JCC Maccabi Games in 2015 (7/1)

JCC, Growing Power Team Up For a Greener Future (7/10)

June 2013

Exercise class from Nicolet High School sheds 300 pounds (6/11)

March 2013

"The Big Melt Down" aims for better health (3/18)

Teachers Shed Pounds in JCC's 'Melt Down' Program (3/20)

JCC Joins Forces With Stillwaters Cancer Suppor Services (3/20)

Jewish Community Center illustrates story of Passover (3/25)

Lakeviews *Interview about the Big Melt Down (3/31) *interview begins 16 minutes & 25 seconds into the program.

February 2013

In Motion: Lunge with Bicep Curls (2/4)

In Motion: Inch Worm with Push Ups (2/12)

In Motion: Runner's Lunge with Triceps Kickbacks (2/19)

In Motion: Wall Ball Squat with Front Raise (2/26)

January 2013

Bullying is no laughing matter at the JCC (1/23)

December 2012

Jewish Community's Youth Humanitarian Project on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee (12/10)

Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2013: Stand Up To Bullying on Fox 6 WakeUp (12/10)

October 2012

Tony Checks Out a New Yoga Studio at the Jewish Community Center (10/22)

JCC Unveils New Yoga Studio (10/12)

September 2012

Composer Combines His Art With Jewish Faith (9/14)

Lakeviews (94.5) on the Youth Humanitarian Project (9/23)

June 2012

Gilda's Club Kid Support Camp (6/30)

JCC Quilt Made with Love (6/13)

May 2012

 JCC Teams with Growing Power to Open Farm Stand at Bayshore (5/17)

Farm Stand Coming to Bayshore (5/17)

April 2012

Free Showing of 'Bully' Documentary Planned (4/11)