The Peck Aquatic Center is closed for scheduled maintenance and serivce beginning Sunday, August 20th and will re-open Tuesday, September 5th.  Please contact a member services associate for more information on swim availability during this period.

In The News

July 2017

       As the game of soccer is forver growing, so are the opportunities at Milwaukee Wave (7/19)

June 2017

Five all-ages steps to starting a healthy plan (6/29)

From splash pads to a rock wall: Water Park at JCC features all sorts of ways to enjoy the summer (6/19)

JCC Announces Purchase of Property for the Linda & Fred Wein Center for Early Childhood Education in Mequon (6/16)

        Lifeguard training at JCC Water Park

May 2017

      Milwaukee’s best restaurants, chefs and bakers are coming together for a good cause (5/9)

April 2017

       28th annual JCC KidShare on May 11th WISN 12 (4/29)

       28th annual KidShare event on May 11 to benefit JCC (4/25)

       Taste and sip at JCC KidShare benefit (4/25)

February 2017

        Stars Program Brings Incredible Transformation (2/28)

November 2016

2016 Executives of the Year (12/1)

Opinion: Let's not hide from our differences (12/1)

JCC Awarded $1.5 Grant For Daniel M. Soref Aquatic Center at Rainbow Day Camp (11/14)

Creating Wisconsin Landmarks Out of Canned Food (11/02)

October 2016  

What to do in Milwaukee this weekend (non-Halloween division) (10/27)

Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival Coming to Mequon (10/26)

The Changing Face of Jewish Film (10/26)

Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival takes global view (10/25)

WISN12 Canstruction (10/23)

Canstruction to Fight Hunger (10/22)

'Canstruction' will return to Bayshore Town Center (10/13)

Architects, engineers to make sculptures of local landmarks with canned foods for charit(10/7)

Traditional meets modern for Yom Kippur's break-the-fast meal (10/4)

Different Views On Judaism To Be Featured At Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival (10/3)

September 2016

        JCC reopens upgraded Habush Family Fitness Center (9/15)

Back in business: Jewish Community Center opening new family fitness center (9/7)

After $850,000 Investment in Health, JCC's Fitness Center to Re-open (9/6)

Jewish Community Center to reopen fitness center Sept. 7 - Underwent $850,000 renovation project (9/2)

August 2016

In Motion: Weekend Warrior - 40/30/20 Core Tabata (8/29)

In Motion: Weekend Warrior - 20/10 Tabata (8/15)

Summer camp for kids with special needs... and those without (8/9)

In Motion: Weekend Warrior -  (8/8)

Rainbow Camp Provides Summer Experience for Children of All Abilities (8/7)

July 2016

Every child deserves an amazing summer camp experience (7/20)

June 2016

KTI Country Connection - Special Needs Programing at RDC (6/26)

May 2016

JCC's KidShare draws big crowd to try tasty food from area restaurants: Slideshow (5/16)

Some of Milwaukee's most talented chefs, bakers and caterers are coming together (5/10)

KidShare 2016 on WISN 12 News This Morning (5/8)

KTI Country Connection - KidShare 3016 (5/1)

April 2016

KidShare Tasting Event Fundraiser set for May 12 at the Pfister (4/19)

Jewish and Arab Musicians Unite in a 'Concert for Peace' - (4/5)

Concert for Peace (4/5)

Concert for Peace at JCC (4/2)

Noted award is revived, granted to local sculptor (4/1)

JCC spending 850,000 on improvements (4/1)

March 2016

Sculptor Richard Edelman wins prestigious award (3/7)

Edelman to Receive National Frank L. Weil Award (3/7)

JCC Announces $850,000 Membership Investment (3/4)

10 local purim photos to love (3/1)

February 2016

JCC Welcomes Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and interns to Jewish Community Pantry (2/25)

JCC Names James L. (Jamie) Miller Chair-Elect (2/24)

Rumage Around Column: A special peformance (2/10)

JCC and Upstream Arts Presents The Art of Me (2/7)

Comedian Patton Oswalt helps raise money for Special Olympics of Wisconsin: Slideshow (2/2)

January 2016

Patton Oswalt gets Laughs, even while winging it, at Riverside Theater (1/30)

Milwaukee Event Calendar (1/30)

Milwaukee Film Newsletter - Milwaukee Love (1/28)

Top Shows this week ... Patton Oswalt... (1/28)

This Week In Milwaukee Jan. 27-Feb 2 (1/27)

Record Recommended: January 25-31 (1/26)

Laugh It Up Milwaukee on 12 News This Morning Sunday (1/24)

Milwaukee movies off the grid - Feminists Insha'allah!: The Story of Arab Feminism (1/21)

Patton Oswalt to Perform at JCC fundraiser benefiting Special Olympics Wisconsin (1/21)

New Faces, New Places - Jesse Rosen (1/15)

Milwaukee movies off the grid - A Father...A Son: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (1/15)

JCC Names Jesse Rosen Chief Operating Officer (1/12)

JCC Names Jesse Rosen Chief Operating Officer (1/12)

Laugh It Up Milwaukee Presents Patton Oswalt (1/10)

Get Fit in 2016 - Live Up Healthier (1/7)

KTI Country Connection - Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2016 (1/3)

December 2015

KTI Country Connection - Tapestry (12/20)

Hanukkah Begins (12/5)

Hanukkah celebrations, events in and around Milwaukee (12/3)

Walk for Israel moving downtown (12/1)

Coming Events - Holocaust Book Club - Films, Talk on Jewish Argentina - Community-Wide Hanukkah Celebration - The Third Half Film Talk - Next Year Jerusalem Film Discussion - Holocaust Stories: In Their Honor (12/1)

November 2015 (*indicates JCC Maccabi Games coverage)

Milwaukee Movies off the grid - Southern Exposure (11/26)

Hungers is a huge problem here in Milwaukee: Check out one local place that's trying to change that (11/25)

Milwaukee Movies off the grid - Jews Around the World (11/19)

Patton Oswalt will healine Laugh It Up Milwaukee on January 30 (11/17)

Patton Oswalt Headlining Laugh It Up Milwaukee benefit Jan. 30 (11/17)

Performing Arts Calendar - Author Visits, Michelle Brafman (11/13)

Milwaukee Movies off the grid - Cutting Edge Israel (11/12)

Former Whitefish Bay resident returns to disucss her new novel (11/9)

JFIT offers Workout Plan for All Ages (11/1)

Expansion and interest at Jewish Community Garden (11/1)

Ferrante’s Restaurant & Signature Catering joins Jewish Community Center (11/1)

Maccabi Games VIP Reception  (11/1)*

October 2015 (*indicates JCC Maccabi Games coverage)

In Motion: Side Slam Skater with Battle Rope and Burpee (10/19)

On Tap Today: The Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival presents two (10/19)

Food, family and history land on the marquee at the Jewish Film Festival (10/17)

A Test of Strength & Stamina for CBS58's Michael Schlesinger @ Milwaukee's JCC (10/16)

Jewish Film Festival - 2015 (10/15)

Italian restaurant Ferrante's now operates kosher CAFA B DATA at the JCC (10/15)

The Art Dealer: French film about family secrets highlights this year's Jewish Film Festival (10/13)

Jewish Community Center adds food from Ferrante's Restaurant (10/12)

In Motion: Partner sit-up (10/12)

Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival brings word of cultural flavors (10/11)

Ferrante's Restaurant to be come exclusive food service provider at JCC (10/9)

In Motion: TRX Atomic Push Up and Body Weight Boot Camp Push Up (10/5)

Jewish overnight camps (10/1)

P2G program inspired Shin Shin volunteers (10/1)

Local Jewish professionals earning graduate degree through Spertus (10/1)

HERC series to honor Holocaust survivors (10/1)

M - Milwaukee's Lifestyle Magazine Out and About KidShare 2015 (10/1)

September 2015 (*indicates JCC Maccabi Games coverage)

In Motion: Side Step Swings with Kettlebell and Dumbell (9/28)

Northwestern Mutual makes $1M commitment to Milwaukee neighborhoods (9/25)

Learning from the best; Caitlyn Lansing gets tips from an Olympian (9/1)*

JCC Cares' athletes give back to Milwaukee's youth (9/1)*

Memories of the 2015 JCC Maccabi Games (9/1)*

August 2015 (*indicates JCC Maccabi Games coverage)

Olympic Gold Medalist Garrett Weber-Gale inspires young people in Glendale: "It's possible to do whatever you want" (8/25)*

Bucks Watch JCC Maccabi Games (8/7)*

"All the different teams are really cool:" Teens from across the country take part in JCC Maccabi Games (8/6)*

JCC Maccabi Games athletes team up with Special Olympics (8/5)*

Jewish teen athletes participating in Maccabi Games take part in service projects for "JCC Cares Day" (8/5)*

How do you pronounce Maccabi anyway (8/4)*

Garrett Weber-Gale swim clinic (8/4)*

Garrett Weber-Gale swim clinic (8/3)*

Olmypic gold medal swimmer hosts swimming clinic (8/3)*

Hundreds of Jewish teenagers come to Milwaukee are for Maccabi Games (8/3)*

Olympian, VIP crowd welcome nearly 1,000 teens to Milwaukee, Maccabi Games: Slideshow (8/3)*

The 2015 JCC Maccabi Games opening ceremony (8/3)*

JCC Maccabi Games Opening Ceremonies and Interview (8/2)*

JCC Maccabi Games Come to Milwaukee (8/2)*

Maccabi Games demonstrate strenght of Jewish people (8/1)*

Milwaukee to host JCC Maccabi Games (8/1)*

Maccabi Games come to Milwaukee (8/1)*

JCC Maccabi Games to display values as well as athleticism (8/1)*

Faust picked for new JCCA fellowship in preschool education (8/1)

Israeli Arab high school group meets with P2G Teen Mifgash kids (8/1)


July 2015 (*indicates JCC Maccabi Games coverage)

Maccabi teen athletes to compete in spirit of community (7/30)*

Milwaukee Jewish Community Center to Host the 33rd Annual Maccabi Games (7/30)*

What are 1,000 Jewish teends doing in Milwaukee from August 2-7? (7/28)*

Maccabi Games to bring Olympic-like flabor and more to Milwaukee (7/22)*

JCC Maccabi Games will bring 1,00 teen athletes to the North Shore (7/21)*

Wisconsin sports teams to sponsor JCC Maccabi Games (7/17)*

A global sporting event in Milwaukee (7/16)*

Hundreds of athletes to visit Milwaukee for JCC Maccabi Games (7/14)*

Honorary co-chairs named for 2015 JCC Maccabi Games (7/1)*

JCC gave volunteer a lifetime of experiences (7/1)

From the Fountains of triumph'': Artists' Lab creates community and inspires artworks (7/1)

June 2015 (*indicates JCC Maccabi Games coverage)

JCC Maccabi Games interview with Libby Collins on 94.5 KTI Country (6/23)*

Milwaukee County pools prepare for next week's opening (6/11)

Jewish Artists Lab on Lake Effect - time marker 15:00 (6/3)

Hosting an athlete is its own highlight of Maccabi Games (6/1)*

May 2015

Six Humanities Projects receive Mini-Grants in May

Breaking Bread and Telling Tales (5/15)

JCC's KidShare event draws big crowd, offers tasty food: Slideshow (5/15)

KidShare on WISN (5/9)

TMJ4 Live at Noon - KidShare benefit to aid children in Southeast Wisconsin (5/8)

Kidshare 2015 on TMJ4 (5/5)

Lakeviews (94.5) on KidShare (5/3)

April 2015

JSOnline - JCC scholarship benefit  (4/17)

TMJ4 Live at Noon - Offices trade in business attire for Badgers apparel (4/6)

March 2015

CBS 58 - Match Day 2015 (3/19)

February 2015

TMJ4 Live at Noon - Program to aid children and young adults with disabilites (2/25)

Ineractive arts-based program that addresses social deficites common in kids, adults, Fox 6 (2/22)

Arts-based program offers classes for special needs kids at the Jewish Community Center (2/13)

Boris and Doris On The Town (2/3)

Comedian Howie Mandel helps raise money for Hunger Task Force: Slideshow (2/1)

Lakeviews (94.5) on Upstream Arts (2/1)

January 2015

Howie Mandel on Dave & Carole - 96.5 WKLH (1/28)

This week in Milwaukee (1/27)

CBS Eye-to-Eye  (1/25)

Howie Mandel to Perform Saturday at the Riverside Theater (1/25)

Laugh It Up Milwaukee on WISN 12 (1/24)

Howie Mandel glad to return to 'no rules' comedy with Milwaukee show (1/22)

The fight against hunger continues all year (1/20)

Howie Mandel featured in Jewish Community Center's 'Laugh It Up Milwaukee' event (1/14)

Our Issues Milwaukee - My 24/CW 18 Part 2 (1/3 AND 1/4)

Our Issues Milwaukee - My 24/CW 18 Part 1 (1/3 AND 1/4)

Howie Mandel Performs at Riverside (1/3)

December 2014

Heros of the Week (12/23)

Kids join in on the fun at Hanukkah Celebration (12/22)

Jewish Community celebrates 5th day of Hanukkah (12/21)

Explore Hanukkah with the Jewish Community Center (12/21)

Hanukkah Interview with Mark Shapiro on Newsradio 620 WTMJ (12/16)

Spend an evening with Howie Mandel and support a good cause, but how? (12/15)

Lakeviews (94.5) on Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2015 (12/14)

November 2014

Jewish Community Center announces leadership and brand changes (11/25)

Medical Clowning Seminar at the Jewish Community Center (11/14)

October 2014

Creating Milwaukee Landmarks out of cans of food (10/22)

September 2014

Howie Mandel to headline Laugh It Up Milwaukee benefit at Riverside (9/30)

Real Milwaukee (Fox 6) Announcement (9/30)

Just annouced! Howie Mandel slated to appear at the Riverside in January (9/30)

May 2014

Jewish educator uses art to stoke fire of spirituality (5/5)

Passing the Torch (M Magazine's May 2014 Issue)

March 2014

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Partner Child Pose (3/25)

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Sitting Seesaw (3/16)

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Sun Salute (3/11)

Superman: A Jewish Superhero (3/10)

Milwaukee to host global tournament for Jewish youth (3/6)

In Motion: Yoga for Families - Breath with Mudra (3/5)

Milwaukee wins bid for 2015 Maccabi Games (3/4)

Milwaukee Area to host 2015 JCC Maccabi Games (3/3)

February 2014

Milwaukee Rep's 'Whipping Man' Examines Freedom After Slavery (2/7)

January 2014

Comedian Martin Short helps raise money for MAAC Fund (1/20)

Martin Short Gave the Pabst Theater His All For "Laugh It Up Milwaukee" (1/19)

Martin Short, and a host of his madcap alter egos, get big laughs at the Pabst (1/18)

Live at Daybreak on TMJ4 (1/18)

Wisconsin Tonight on TMJ4 (1/17)

Martin Short laughing for a cause at Pabst Theater (1/15) 

Dave & Carole Show (96.5 FM) on Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2014 (1/14)

December 2013

Lakeviews (94.5) on Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2014 (12/22)

Live at Daybreak on TMJ4 (12/9)

July 2013

Chip learns about summer camp for kids at Growing Power (7/29)

JCC Athletes Ready for Austin Games (7/25)

Milwaukee to host JCC Maccabi Games in 2015 (7/1)

JCC, Growing Power Team Up For a Greener Future (7/10)

June 2013

Exercise class from Nicolet High School sheds 300 pounds (6/11)

March 2013

"The Big Melt Down" aims for better health (3/18)

Teachers Shed Pounds in JCC's 'Melt Down' Program (3/20)

JCC Joins Forces With Stillwaters Cancer Suppor Services (3/20)

Jewish Community Center illustrates story of Passover (3/25)

Lakeviews *Interview about the Big Melt Down (3/31) *interview begins 16 minutes & 25 seconds into the program.

February 2013

In Motion: Lunge with Bicep Curls (2/4)

In Motion: Inch Worm with Push Ups (2/12)

In Motion: Runner's Lunge with Triceps Kickbacks (2/19)

In Motion: Wall Ball Squat with Front Raise (2/26)

January 2013

Bullying is no laughing matter at the JCC (1/23)

December 2012

Jewish Community's Youth Humanitarian Project on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee (12/10)

Laugh It Up Milwaukee 2013: Stand Up To Bullying on Fox 6 WakeUp (12/10)

October 2012

Tony Checks Out a New Yoga Studio at the Jewish Community Center (10/22)

JCC Unveils New Yoga Studio (10/12)

September 2012

Composer Combines His Art With Jewish Faith (9/14)

Lakeviews (94.5) on the Youth Humanitarian Project (9/23)

June 2012

Gilda's Club Kid Support Camp (6/30)

JCC Quilt Made with Love (6/13)

May 2012

 JCC Teams with Growing Power to Open Farm Stand at Bayshore (5/17)

Farm Stand Coming to Bayshore (5/17)

April 2012

Free Showing of 'Bully' Documentary Planned (4/11)